Online Ordering


Hello and welcome to online ordering for Kiss My Cabbage, LLC!

Here’s what we are offering for pre-paid pick up on this Saturday, April 4th, outside at Mill City Farmers Market. Tell your family, friends and neighbors to go in on an order, so just one of you picks it up! We may run out of some varieties and we’ll let you know if we do. Email us at to order. Please state Size/Flavor/Quantity, the pick up time that you signed up for and we’ll send you an invoice to pay before Saturday. All orders must be made by Friday at 9am. EBT payments will be processed by Market staff on-site. Market Bucks matching dollars will be available. Please let us know that you are using that method of payment with your order.

Varieties:                                   6oz                       14oz                 30oz
Plain Ol’ Sauerkraut              $6                        $10                    $16
Caraway Juniper                      $6                         $10                      –

                                                    6oz (3 FOR 20)   14oz (3 for 35)  30oz
Lemon Garlic Dill                    $7                         $12                      $20                            Wakame Gold                           $7                         $12                       $20
Giardiniera                               $7                            –                            –
Curtido Red                               $7                        $12                        $20
Kimchi (Original, Curry)       $7                        $12                        $20                        Preserved Lemons                   $10                         –                          –
Probiotic Sippers!     2oz   $4   (Giardiniera, Lemon Garlic Dill, Kimchi)

Link for required scheduling of pick ups:  Pick Up Instructions: Arrive at the market during your 30-minute pick-up window. If you are driving, please park on the street at the meters. Pick-ups will take place on the paved Chicago Mall on the corner of S. 2nd St and Chicago Avenue in between the Guthrie Theater and Humboldt Lofts/Mill City Museum building (where our outdoor market takes place). Vendors will be parked here with your pre-paid order. We will be respecting distance by staying 6 feet away from each other to minimize exposure, but know that we’re happy you are choosing to support this very small business!

**This is in response to the public health emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak**


Thank you for visiting Kiss My Cabbage, LLC, purveyors of small-batch, lacto-fermented Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Giardiniera, Curtido and seasonal inspirations. We use Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) produce from Burning River Farm in Frederic, WI, as well as from many neighboring farms using organic growing methods. Based in St. Croix Falls, WI, an hour north of the Twin Cities.