Online Ordering


Hello and welcome to online PRE ORDERING and HOME DELIVERY for Kiss My Cabbage, LLC!

Ask us about HOME DELIVERY through email:  


                                       SATURDAY, June 10th, Mill City Farmers Market, 8AM-1PM.

                                       SUNDAY, June 11th, Kingfield Farmers Market, 8:30AM-1PM.

                                       Wednesday, June 14th, Nokomis Farmers Market, 8AM-1PM.

                                         SATURDAY, June 17th, Mill City Farmers Market, 8AM-1PM.

                                 SUNDAY, June 18th, Saint Paul (LOWERTOWN) Farmers Market, 8AM-1PM.

                                           SATURDAY, June 24th, Mill City Farmers Market, 8AM-1PM.

                                           SATURDAY, July 1st, Mill City Farmers Market, 8AM-1PM.

                                          SUNDAY, July 2nd, Franconia Art & Farmers Market, 10AM-2PM.



                                                                                            !!SEE YOU SOON!!

                              PRE ORDERS ARE ENCOURAGED. It helps you get exactly what you want.

                            *See what’s currently available below, then email to pre-order or just come out to market for purchases.

To PRE ORDER, Email us at: Please state Size/Flavor/Quantity (updated weekly and we’ll send you an invoice via email to pay by credit card before the market date).  *SEE below.                                                                     

Place PRE PAID orders by 8 pm on the day before each market.                                          

EBT payments will be processed by Market staff on-site and market Bucks matching dollars will be available at Mill City & Neighborhood Roots Markets.

                                                        !!! $1 off for every KMC jar return !!!

VARIETIES 8oz 16oz 32oz
Plain Ol’ Sauerkraut  $6 $10 $16
Caraway Juniper $6 $10 $16
  3 for $22


Lemon Garlic Dill Ferment $8 $14 $22
Giardiniera Ferment (spicy!) $8 $14 $22

Cumin Jalapeno Ferment

$8 $14 $22
Ginger Chili Ferment
  $8 $14 $22
Curry Ginger Chili Ferment $8 $14 $22
Current Probiotic sipper options: $4 each (2 oz) Cumin Jalapeno,

Ginger Chili,

Curry Ginger,

Lemon Garlic Dill
Preserved Lemons   $10    



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